Prairie Schooner

  • The Brutal Imagination of a Banana

Colorado Review

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Southeast Review

  • who are you
  • i am collecting


  • Capsicum Chinense

Lana Turner

  • on a list of games that buddha would not play, number 18

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  • hyperpersonal dramatic monologue as holly herndon

The Slowdown

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Iowa Review

  • Dramatic Monologue as Shi Pei Pu
  • poem against the apparatus
  • disinformation tactics


  • illuminate/illucidate the

Gulf Coast

  • if neo has a belly button who’s on the other end of the umbilical cord

The Common

  • anything else would be off-brand
  • Pidgin


  • on a list of games that buddha would not play, number 8 is


  • where's her beating on this dress?

Copper Nickel

  • Matryoshka

Maine Review

  • on a list of games that buddha does not play [he abstains from robbery]

Bennington Review

  • When the Still Breathing Watch the Stillborn

Quarterly West

  • Response to a Tracklist from God Quarantining with his Ex


  • To Bear False Whiteness

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OSU The Journal

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Verse Daily

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Missouri Review

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Iowa Review

  • How to say break-up in a new language or Which number favored concubine am I?


  • Bandaids didn’t make a color for me, or Thinking inside the box, or Crayon within the lines

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  • Buddha Discovers Reincarnation
  • Reaches Nirvana Under the Fig Tree's Heart-Shaped Leaves

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